Server Health Care Plan

Don't get caught without insurance

Unlimited server management

Our server health care plan is an all-inclusive unlimited server management plan. For a flat monthly rate per existing server, our team will manage everything to do with the server.

Included services


We will work as long as it takes to fix any problem that comes up.


We will work hard to optimize the server as much as possible.


We will lock down the server to ensure the server remains healthy.


We will manage the configuration of services.

Install new services

We will install new services upon request.


We will keep all services up to date


We will setup monitoring from a remote location and alert our staff of any issues.

Account Management

We will add/remove/manage accounts as needed.

Why get the health care plan

Full time employee

We will essentially be a full time system admin at a much lower cost.

Save money

Hourly support will quickly pass the low monthly fee.

Rest easy

You can focus on your business knowing that you have a team working hard for you no matter what comes up.


Use the pricing table below to calculate the price. One server can run as many services as possible, but the price is based on the most expensive service.

Service Bronze $200/month Silver $250/month Gold $300/month
Web server
Email server
FTP server
NFS File server
VPN server
Proxy server
Server with SELinux
Caching server
SMB File server

How to order

Contact us to order or ask questions about the plan.

If you don't think you need full time server administration, you can hire us on an hourly basis.